Our History

Starting in 1869, a 280-acre tract of land purchased by Noah Eby was used for the Wyandot County Infirmary. A year later, a two-level housing facility of brick was built at a cost of $9,000.00. That is almost equivalent to $165,136.32 if it were built in 2018!

Over the years, the homestead raised Holstein cattle that supplied dairy products.  There was also a field for planting and raising crops.  The farm was managed by the male residents.  The residents harvested a great number of crops that the kitchen staff, consisting of female residents, prepared.  The crops also were a source of income to support the home’s operation.

The Wyandot County Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has not always been the way that it is today.  In fact, over the last 149 years, our community has seen many changes from what used to be.  We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our residents, families, employees, and communities by offering innovative programs and services that enrich our mission:

“To Promote Wellness, Independence, and Community in a Caring Atmosphere.” (TPWICCA)

We are proud of our outstanding staff members whose expertise, kindness, and encouragement touch the lives of the individuals we serve.  Today our commitment is stronger than ever, because when you stay with us, you’re family.